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Simple Tips To Increase Battery Life Of Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung Galaxy S4, the best Android device of 2013 facing some issues regarding heating and low battery life. Does your Samsung Galaxy S4’s battery remains active throughout the day or got dead ? Don’t worry these are some simple tips to increase battery life of Samsung Galaxy S4, apply these tips on your device so you consume less battery and indirectly improve battery life.

Smasung galaxy S4

Best ways to improve battery life of Samsung Galaxy S4:

Get Battery Management Apps:

Manage apps on your mobile by high-quality battery management apps, download from Google Play store and manage which app to launch when considering battery consumption.

Close, Disable or Uninstall Unused Apps:

Disable or close all those apps which are less important and not used frequently.

Disable Widgets and live wallpapers:

I think widgets, and live wallpapers are not more important then other things, so its better if you DO NOT use them.

Lower screen brightness and Reduce timeout duration:

Screen brightness reduction will surely save your large amount of battery and set timeout duration short so that screen turn-off quickly when not active.

Turn On Power Saving Mode:

Power saving mode will take care of your battery life and manage is accordingly so you must turn on power saving mode.

Turn off Unused function:

Make sure Wi-fi connection, Bluetooth and other functions are turned off while you’re not using them, as you know, small things also look precious when we are not having them.

Just try this simple tips on your Galaxy S4 and see improvement in battery life.


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