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Few Things Not To Do On Valentine

Valentine’s day, some great feeling comes to mind when you heard about this day. It’s a day of love celebration and to tell our heart’s feeling to our loved one, so also called Heart Day. However, some things you must avoid on this Valentine to make it memorable and delightful.

things to avoid on valentine

Here are things to avoid on this Valentine:

1.Do not pressurize:

On Valentine do not force or pressurize someone to make friendship with you because relations cannot be maintained forcibly. If both people willing to celebrate than OK otherwise skip it and don’t get upset.

2.Do not give awkward gifts:

Its not customary that exchange gifts on Valentine’s day, but to express our feelings and love people exchange gifts. Gifts should be simple and not expensive, avoid awkward gifts and relationship not require gifts.

3.Do not go on first date:

Its a bad idea to go on first date on Valentine because its feel strange, forced and painful. So avoid date and simply exchange thoughts via texts or calls.

4.Avoid Bars:

Celebration is part of Valentine, so places to celebrate Valentine should be different and suits your personality. Avoid bars, party plots, rush areas and simply celebrate V day.

5.Do not call your Ex:

Please do not call your Ex on Valentine for any reason to know what he/she is doing. Calling your Ex re-open your wound in a more intense way so its strict advice to avoid calling your ex.

Avoid above things on this Valentine and make it memorable and delightful.


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