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Microsoft to release ISOs alongside Windows 10 January Preview

Windows 10

The last few builds which were released to Windows Insiders were pushed via the PC settings app, meaning there was no available ISOs for clean installation. Microsoft eventually released ISOs for build 9879 a few weeks after the build had hit for Insiders in the fast ring. Now, according to Gabe Aul on Twitter, the company aims to release new ISOs at the same time as the Windows 10 January Technical Preview is launched for fast ring participants.

This is good news for everyone, as many insiders prefer to install fresh with every new build. However, Microsoft do ask Windows Insiders to update via the built-in options as it allows the company to collect data and feedback during the process, making for a far better experience in the future. The newly available ISOs will also be good for consumers who wish to test out the new features, but have been holding off on the early builds.

It’s still unclear when the new technical preview will be released, many are assuming it will be on January 21st as that’s when the company is holding its event. However Microsoft could opt to wait a day or two, much like they did with the original Windows Technical Preview back in September. Either way, stay tuned for more regarding Windows 10 and its upcoming January Preview!

Source: WinBeta


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