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Microsoft, Windows 10 for Phone and what is coming next week

With the holidays and CES now officially out of the way, the great beast, that is Microsoft, is slowly beginning to wake up again to kick off 2015. Already the company has launched a new phone (the ultra budget Nokia 215).

All eyes are now on the January 21 event on Microsoft’s campus, including what it means for Windows Phone.

Phone Insider and real beta testing

By now, most people have connected the dots with the weekend release of the Phone Insider app. Since October 2013, Windows Phone users had the option for Preview for Developer program, an early peek at the new OS updates before they go to the carrier. When Windows 10 for desktop announced, those users got a similar program dubbed ‘Windows Insider’.

Obviously, these two things are nearly the same idea, just a different name. The notion that Microsoft would align these two programs – with Insider taking priority – should not be a surprise. Of course, this is unlikely just a name change too, as Windows Insider users get both fast and slow ring updates, depending on preference.

See rest of the story here: Microsoft, Windows 10 for Phone and what is coming next week


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