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Spartan will not be available on Windows 7 through Microsoft

Spartan annotations on webpage

Microsoft is continuing to move forward with Windows 10 which aims to draw customers from the business world that are still running Windows 7. The current code-named Spartan browser that will be released on Windows 10 will not be available through Microsoft on Windows 7. While Microsoft is placing a list of familiar features from Windows 7 into Windows 10, their official support for Windows 7 ended earlier this year and the announcement of Spartan not being available on the old operating system is a natural step forward.

The Windows 10 January Technical Preview does not include a version of the new browser code named ‘Spartan’, but the news about the latest web browser is slowly trickling out. Without being able to test all of the features on Spartan, it’s difficult to say how this affects everyday browsing but a list of coding changes looks to make Spartan easier to use for web developers. While Spartan may not be available in Windows 7, it will have features that focus on backward compatibility.

Read rest of the story here: Spartan will not be available on Windows 7 through Microsoft


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