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Microsoft working on a number of HoloLens related projects, for Xbox One and beyond


With the majority of us having seen sci-fi at the cinema in some shape or form, the public is mostly aware of Virtual Reality as being, vaguely, the ‘future’. For years, decades, we’ve been told that TVs, computers and the like will pale in comparison to the world-replacing headsets that are so proudly being touted by the likes of Samsung, Sony and Oculus.

Yet, as we found out back in January, Microsoft has a different vision for the future, one that is decidedly more exciting. Instead of replacing the world around the user, information is merely overlaid on top of the existing environment. This is interesting for a number of reasons, the most important of which is that the uses of such a technology are not limited to entertainment. Make no mistake, VR indeed has a place in the future, but firmly in the living room. From the surgery room to the airplane cockpit, the HoloLens is going places.

That isn’t to say that the device itself doesn’t have a place in the hearts of sofa dwellers though, to this point, most development for the HoloLens has been focused almost primarily on its entertainment potential. Indeed, as the LinkedIn profiles of several Microsoft employees reveal, there are a number of exciting projects heading to the HoloLens  throughout 2015 and beyond.


Read rest of the story here:  Microsoft working on a number of HoloLens related projects, for Xbox One and beyond


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