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Windows 10 build 10056 screenshots leaked, full build may follow

Image Credit: Wzor.net

Thanks to trusty Windows information-leaker Wzor, we’re starting to get some screenshots of what is potentially the next build of the Windows 10 Technical Preview. Wzor has just published the screenshots of the build, which is identified as Windows 10 Enterprise x64 build 10056 English.

Wzor’s distinction of this build may help to explain why there are no real significant changes or features added to this build. Perhaps much of the under-the-hood work has been done to stabilize it compared to the previous release. There are some release notes that have accompanied the leaks. In the notes, there is a list of bug fixes and one addition to the Spartan browser; the next-gen browser can now open PDFs and save them directly from the browser.

Image Credit: Wzor.net

If the screenshots are any indication of the next Technical Preview build, Insiders may be greeted with the coveted re-sizeable Start menu finally. Graphically inclined observers will also notice the subtle changes to the color of the Cortana Live Tile, the repositioning of the power button as well as new Recycle Bin and Task View icons.

But that appears to be it for now. Check out the screenshot below, and let us know if you spot anything else new. We’ll continue to update you as the information leaks in. In the meantime, the full build may be leaked imminently, so stay tuned for more.

Image Credit: Wzor.netImage Credit: Wzor.net


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