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Windows 10: Cortana and Search get integrated with the Start Menu

Windows 10

The BUILD developer conference is just around the corner, and Microsoft has been making a number of changes based on the feedback submitted by Insiders. One popular bit of feedback concerned the way Search works, and how instead of searching from the Start Menu like in previous versions of Windows, it was done through Cortana. A large amount of people didn’t like this change, so Microsoft has changed how Search and Cortana behave when the Start Menu is open.

In the most recent builds of Windows 10, searching from the Start Menu will morph into Cortana with a nice animation, listing results much like you’d expect her to. Not only that, but Cortana now features a handy hamburger menu on the left hand side which makes Cortana feel even more integral to the Start Menu. You can adjust Cortana’s height by simply adjusting the height of the Start Menu too.

These changes definitely make searching feel more integrated with the UI, and although the way search works in Windows 10 hasn’t actually changed, we think Insiders are going to prefer the new search behavior over the old.

Via: WinBeta


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