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Use Cortana to define words for you in Windows 10

Use Cortana to define words for you in Windows 10. Microsoft’s Cortana has many uses including sending emails or checking the weather. One of the best uses though is a simple look-up feature for words and their definitions. Combined with the Hey Cortana voice recognition using Cortana to tell you quickly what a word means is a great hands-free tip.


Windows 10: A closer look at Cortana integration with Spartan (with video)

Microsoft announced back in January that Windows 10 would ship with two browsers, the regular IE11 for backwards compatibility, and Spartan. Spartan is the company’s take on what modern-browsing should be, a competitor to Google Chrome and Firefox, and the default browser in Windows 10. Spartan includes a number of neat little features, including a reading mode, extensions, annotation abilities, and Cortana integration.

Microsoft sets up a dedicated Siri vs Cortana website, Siri cannot compete

Just as the war between virtual assistants started to settle down a little with the subtle jabs, Microsoft took on Siri in its new Valentine’s Day Cortana commercials. Things escalate once more as Microsoft has launched a dedicated website to point out all the ways in which Cortana is superior to her Apple counterpart.

Microsoft’s Cortana-powered Office Work Assistant highlighted in video

Microsoft’s upcoming Cortana-powered Office Work Assistant was revealed in a series of leaked images over the weekend, and now there’s a video highlighting the functionality of the app. The video shows how Work Assistant can be launched via Cortana, and can then search for files stored on multiple locations, including your phone, OneDrive, OneDrive for Business, PC and SharePoint.