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How to check and adjust your privacy settings in Windows 10

Things are getting out of hand. This is Windows, and its nature has always been to give users options. That remains true in Windows 10. If you are concerned about your privacy while using Windows 10, here’s what to do..How to check and adjust your privacy settings in Windows 10


A deeper dive into the Universal Windows Platform

The Universal Windows Platform is just an evolution of the same modern platform you’ve been using on phones since Windows Phone 8.1 and PCs since Windows 8. This means your code and your apps just WORK. You can continue to write apps for the Windows platform in your language and using the framework of your choice…

Microsoft’s universal apps are now called Windows apps

In a recent session at Microsoft’s WinHEC developer event, distinguished engineer Don Box revealed the company’s new naming for universal applications that run across PCs, phones, tablets, and the Xbox One. “Sometimes we say universal apps, but we call them Windows apps,” explains Box. “Windows apps runs on all devices, Windows desktop app is PC only. Windows apps run everywhere.”

Microsoft outlines the minimum system requirements for Windows 10 desktops and phones

At Microsoft’s WinHEC event, the company talked a lot about new Windows 10 developments, all with hopes to better equip hardware partners with that they need to develop amazing Windows 10 devices that will hopefully deliver the vision of a unified computing experience to the masses.

Microsoft now offers 3rd party ads on their MSN apps, providing advertisers a cross-platform experience

MSN is Microsoft’s content network, stretching across weather, news, finance, sports, health, fitness, and food & drink. Originally MSN was web centered, offering all the content via MSN.com.

CES 2015 Day 1 roundup

CES 2015 has officially begun! That’s right, the biggest tech-stravaganza of the year is under way, and if you thought all the big announcements happened yesterday… well, you’re wrong.

Here are Microsoft’s picks for the best Windows Phone and Windows apps of 2014

The 2014 year is about to end, and so much has happened in the past several months when it comes to the software giant. The company introduced the latest Windows Phone 8.1 operating system which introduced some much needed features. Furthermore, Microsoft launched a number of budget-friendly and mid-range devices to cater to the needs of its users.